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Acetal shapes are used when application require high stiffness, low friction, high tensile strength, creep resistance and toughness, and excellent dimensional stability.

Acetal may be machined using traditional methods such as turning, milling, drilling etc.

Homopolymers perform significantly better than copolymers in their toughness at extreme temperatures, fatigue endurance, and elongation at yield. Copolymers cannot reach the overall mechanical properties that homopolymers offer for demanding applications. 

As a semi-crystalline material, acetal is also characterized by a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties - especially in wet environments.

Because acetal absorbs minimal amounts of moisture, its physical properties remain constant in a variety of environments. Low moisture absorption results in excellent dimensional stability for close-tolerance machined parts. 

Acetal advantages:

High abrasion resistance
Low coefficient of friction
High heat resistance
Good electrical and dielectric properties
Low water absorption

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Delrin Shapes :   ASTM D-4181 POM111, 21CFR177.2480, NSF61, ASTM-D-6100 S-POM111, USDA, 3A, USP Class VI

Acetron Shapes : FDA/USDA/NSF/3A Dairy Approved, Porosity Free


Acetron® is a registered trademark of Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

DELRIN® - is a registered trademark of DuPont.


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